Get the Information You Need for an Abuse Investigation

Get the Information You Need for an Abuse Investigation

How does it work?

Collecting accurate information for an abuse investigation is highly important, but the Children's Advocacy Center Of Central Texas knows it's also important to prioritize the child. That's why we conduct interviews in a comforting environment with the goal of limiting the number of times the child has to recount their trauma.

Investigators refer children to the Children's Advocacy Center of Central Texas for a forensic interview when they suspect abuse. The child will talk to a professional forensic interviewer who understands the correct questions to ask in a way that does not re-traumatize the child.

The forensic interview is conducted in a safe child-friendly environment while partnering investigating agencies observe the interview from an adjacent room via closed-circuit television. Forensic interviews are audio- and video- recorded.

What is the purpose of a forensic interview?

While the process can be difficult, getting the child's firsthand account is always in their best interest. This allows investigators to:

  • Document disclosure of abuse
  • Get details on the specific situation
  • Make sure the investigating agencies are working with accurate information
  • Provide evidence that meets legal requirements to be admissible in court

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