Offering Support to the Entire Family

Offering Support to the Entire Family

Look into our family advocacy services

Child abuse investigations often affect the entire family unit, but your family doesn't have to figure out what to do alone. Children's Advocacy Center Of Central Texas offers family advocacy services to the child and the non-offending family members whose lives have been upturned by the investigation.

From providing case status information to giving access to our Rainbow Room of donated essentials, we'll help with everything you need. Interested in donating to the families we help? Stop by our center during drop-off hours.

We'll be with you at every turn

Wondering what we can do to help you? We provide families in need with...

  • Advocacy: collaborate with our multidisciplinary team to prioritize your voice during the investigation.
  • Support: ask about our resources for emotional support during this difficult time.
  • Information: stay updated about the status of your case and available community resources.
  • Essential goods: get assistance with housing, food, clothing, finances and more.
If a child needs to be in foster care or the care of a relative, our Rainbow Room will make sure they have a stable environment and all the items they need. Learn more about our services by calling 254-939-2946 now.

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