Offering Support to the Entire Family

Offering Support to the Entire Family

Child abuse investigations often affect the entire family unit, but your family doesn't have to figure out what to do alone. Children's Advocacy Center Of Central Texas offers family advocacy services to the child and the non-offending family members whose lives have been upturned by the investigation.

For as long as children and families require assistance, Family Advocates ensure that you receive the support, education, and resources you require to overcome the trauma of abuse.

We'll be with you at every turn

Family Advocates Provide: 

  • Advocacy: collaborate with our multidisciplinary team to prioritize the child's voice during the investigation.
  • Support: provide emotional support as the case navigates various judicial systems.
  • Information: stay updated about the status of your case and available community resources.
  • Essential goods: get assistance with securing housing, food, clothing, finances, and more.

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